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Table 3 Combining EZH2 inhibitors with other chemotherapy agents in lymphoid malignancies

From: EZH2 abnormalities in lymphoid malignancies: underlying mechanisms and therapeutic implications

Treatment regimen(s) Malignancies Authors
GSK126 and Etoposide GC-DLBCL, BL Smonskey M., et al. [155]
GSK126 and Pentoxifylline MM, T-ALL Neo WH., et al. [56]
GSK126/EPZ-6438/DZnep and Panobinostat MM, MCL Kalushkova A., et al. [158]; Fiskus W., et al. [117]; Fiskus W., et al. [159]; Harding T., et al. [157]
DZnep and JQ1 BL, MCL, GC-DLBCL Zhao X., et al. [51]
DZnep and Daunoblastine T-ALL D’Angelo V., et al. [156]
UNC1999 and Bortezomib/Carfilzomib MM Rizq O., et al. [154]
DZnep and Vorinostat MCL, BL Zhang X., et al. [54]
GSK126/Dznep and ACY-957/1044 EZH2-mutant GC-DLBCL Johnson DP., et al. [160]
  1. Abbreviations: GC-DLBCL germinal center diffuse large B cell lymphoma, DLBCL diffuse large B cell lymphoma; T-ALL T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, MCL mantel cell lymphoma, MM multiple myeloma, BL Burkitt lymphoma