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Table 3. Cancer organoid biobanks from various patients

From: Emerging organoid models: leaping forward in cancer research

Cancer typesCancer organoid types in biobankSuccess rate of establishmentSourcePassagesInstitutionRefs
Metastatic gastrointestinal cancers~78 metastatic cancer organoids from 71 patients71%BiopsiesSupportThe Institute of Cancer Research, UK[62]
CRC22 cancer organoids from 27 tumor samples~90%Surgically resectedSupportRoyal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Holland[9]
CRC55 cancer organoids from 43 patients100%Biopsies, surgically resectedSupportKeio University, Japan[42]
Breast cancers> 100 cancer organoids from 155 tumors>80%Surgically resected> 20 passagesRoyal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Holland[10]
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma114 cancer organoids from 101 patients75%Biopsies, surgically resected, rapid autopsies≥ 5 passagesCold Spring Harbor Laboratory, America[31]