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Table 3 The miRNAs regulating PD-L1 expression on cancer cells

From: The role of cancer-derived microRNAs in cancer immune escape

miRNAs Effects of miRNA on PD-L1 expression Cancer cell types Ref.
miR-195-5p Downregulating Pancreatic cancer [87]
Downregulating Colon adenocarcinoma [91]
Downregulating Prostate cancer [98]
Downregulating DLBCL [99]
miR-3609 Downregulating Breast cancer [86]
miR-148a-3p Downregulating Colorectal cancer [88]
miR-873 Downregulating Breast cancer [89]
miR-146a Upregulating Melanoma [100]
miR-497-5p Downregulating Clear cell renal cell carcinoma [90]
miR-16 Downregulating Prostate cancer [98]
Downregulating MPM [96]
miR-34a Downregulating B cell lymphomas [92]
Downregulating Glioma [93]
Downregulating AML [101, 102]
miR-140 Downregulating Cervical cancer [95]
Downregulating NSCLC [103]
miR-142 Downregulating Cervical cancer [95]
Downregulating NSCLC [104]
Downregulating Pancreatic cancer [105]
miR-340 Downregulating Cervical cancer [95]
miR-383 Downregulating Cervical cancer [95]
miR-18a Upregulating Cervical cancer [95]
miR-3127-5p Upregulating NSCLC [97]
miR-200 family Downregulating Lung cancer [106]
Downregulating Hepatocellular carcinoma [107]
Downregulating AML [101]
miR-375 Downregulating HNSCC [108]
miR-138 Downregulating Colorectal cancer [94]
Downregulating Colorectal cancer [109]
miR-15a Downregulating MPM [96]
miR-193a-3p Downregulating MPM [96]
miR-93 Downregulating Pancreatic cancer [110]
miR-106b Downregulating Pancreatic cancer [110]
miR-17-5p Downregulating Melanoma [111]
miR-197 Downregulating NSCLC [112]
  1. NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, HNSCC head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, DLBCL diffuse large B cell lymphoma, MPM malignant pleural mesothelioma, AML acute myeloid leukemia