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Table 3 Developments in diagnostic kits for cancer diagnosis (EPO

From: Principles and innovative technologies for decrypting noncoding RNAs: from discovery and functional prediction to clinical application

Species Name Expression in cancer Diseases Application Patent number
circRNA hsacirc_0028185 Up Hepatocellular carcinoma Cancer auxiliary diagnosis CN111004850A (2020)
circRNA hsa_circ_001477 Up Gastric cancer Cancer diagnosis CN110129324A (2019)
circRNA hsa_circRNA_012515 Up Non-small cell lung cancer Cancer diagnosis CN110592223A (2019)
circRNA hsa_circRNA_405124 or hsa_circ_0012152 Up Leukemia Cancer early diagnosis CN109593859A (2019)
circRNA circ_104075 Up Liver cancer Cancer diagnosis CN109161595A (2019)
circRNA circ3823 Up Colorectal cancer Cancer early diagnosis CN110592220A (2019)
circRNA hsa_circ_0021977 Up Breast cancer Cancer diagnosis CN109022583A (2018)
circRNA hsa_circ_0012755 Up Prostate cancer Cancer diagnosis CN108624688A (2018)
circRNA circ_0047921, circ_0007761 and circ_0056285 Up Non-small cell lung cancer Cancer early diagnosis CN108179190A (2018)
circRNA hsa-circRPL15-001 Up Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Cancer diagnosis CN109055564A (2018)
circRNA has_circ_0117909 Up Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Cancer diagnosis CN107937522A (2017)
has_circ_0005720 Down
circRNA cRNA-ZFR Up Bladder cancer Cancer diagnosis CN106011139A (2016)
lncRNA lncRNA-AC006159.3 Down Colorectal cancer Cetuximab-resistance diagnosis CN108949993A
lncRNA lncRNAXLOC_004122, Linc00467 and lncRNAA1049452 Up Breast cancer Cancer bone metastasis diagnosis CN107699619A (2017)
lncRNA LncRNA GENE NO.9 Up Bladder cancer Cancer diagnosis CN107267636A (2017)
lncRNA LINC00516 Up Lung cancer Cancer or cancer metastasis diagnosis CN108998528A (2018)
lncRNA LSAMP-AS1 Up Gastric cancer Cancer diagnosis CN110628915A (2019)
miRNA miRNA-4692 Down Hepatocellular carcinoma Cancer diagnosis CN107604065A
miRNA miRNA-1266 Up Endometrial carcinoma Cancer diagnosis CN105907883A
miRNA miR-320 Down Cervical cancer Cancer early diagnosis CN105506076A
miRNA miRNA-2116 Up Lung adenocarcinoma Cancer metastasis diagnosis CN104774966A
miRNA miRNA-410 Up Prostate cancer Cancer diagnosis CN104651492A
miRNA miRNA-1262 Up Acute myeloid leukemia Cancer diagnosis CN105063052A