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Table 1 m6A modification-related factors

From: Roles of METTL3 in cancer: mechanisms and therapeutic targeting

Categories Factors Function Ref.
Writer METTL3/METTL14/WTAP/VIRMA/ZC3H13/RBM15 The m6A methyltransferase complex for the majority of m6A deposition [10,11,12,13,14]
METTL16 Responsible for m6A modification of U6 snRNA, lncRNAs, and introns of pre-mRNAs [15,16,17]
METTL5 Responsible for m6A modification of 18S rRNA [18, 19]
ZCCHC4 Responsible for m6A modification of 28S rRNA [20,21,22]
Eraser FTO Demethylates m6A, also has activity towards m6Am and m1A [23,24,25]
ALKBH5 Mainly demethylates m6A [9, 26, 27]
Reader YTHDC1 Alternative splicing and RNA export [28, 29]
YTHDC2 mRNA degradation and translation initiation [30, 31]
YTHDF1 Promotes translation [32, 33]
YTHDF2 Promotes RNA decay [34, 35]
YTHDF3 Promotes mRNAs translation and degradation [36, 37]
IGF2BP1/2/3 Promotes mRNA stability and translation [38]
hnRNPC/hnRNPG Regulates mRNA structure and alternative splicing [39, 40]