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Table 2 Roles of METTL3 as an m6A methyltransferase in human cancers

From: Roles of METTL3 in cancer: mechanisms and therapeutic targeting

Role Cancer type Regulator Targets Molecular mechanism Cellular function Ref.
Oncogene Acute myeloid leukemia   MYC, BCL2, PTEN Promote translation Differentiation, apoptosis [73]
CEBPZ SP1, SP2 Promote translation Cell cycle regulation, differentiation [74]
Breast cancer let-7g HBXIP Promote translation (?) Cell proliferation [63]
  BCL2 Promote translation Proliferation, apoptosis [75]
Liver cancer   SOCS2 RNA decay by YTHDF2 Proliferation, migration [76]
  RDM1   Proliferation [77]
  LINC00958 RNA stabilization Lipogenesis, proliferation, migration, invasion [78]
SUMO1 Snail RNA stabilization Metastasis [79]
  Snail promote translation by YTHDF1 EMT [80]
miR24-2 miR-6097, Pim1   Tumor growth [59]
  CTNNB1 RNA stabilization Tumor growth [81]
miR-186 Wnt/β-catenin   Proliferation, migration, invasion [60]
Glioblastoma   SOX2 RNA stabilization by ELAVL1 Dedifferentiation [82]
  SRSFs Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) by YTHDC1 Tumor growth and progression [83]
Bladder cancer   miR-221/222 miRNA maturation Proliferation [84]
  AFF4, RELA, IKBKB, MYC   Proliferation, apoptosis [85]
  ITGA6 Promote translation by YTHDF1/3 Adhesion, migration, invasion [86]
chemical carcinogenesis CPCP Promote translation Malignant transformation [87]
  SETD7, KLF4 RNA decay by YTHDF2 Proliferation, metastasis [88]
Gastric cancer miR-4429 SEC62 RNA stabilization by IGF2BP1 Proliferation, apoptosis [62]
  AKT signaling pathway   Proliferation, migration, invasion [89]
CBP/P300-mediated H3K27ac HDGF RNA stabilization by IGF2BP3 Tumor angiogenesis and glycolysis [58]
  ZMYM1 RNA stabilization by ELAVL1 EMT [90]
LncRNA ARHGAP5-AS1 ARHGAP5 mRNA RNA stabilization Chemoresistance [71]
  MYC target genes   Proliferation, migration, invasion [91]
LINC00470 PTEN RNA decay by YTHDF2 Proliferation, migration, invasion [72]
Prostate cancer   GLI1   Proliferation, migration, apoptosis, [92]
  MYC   Proliferation, migration, invasion. [93]
  ITGB1 RNA stabilization Cell adhesion [94]
Lung cancer miR-600 β-catenin, TAZ, EGFR, DNMT3A   Proliferation, metastasis, apoptosis [61]
  miR-25-3p miRNA maturation Brain metastasis [95]
TGF-β JUNB RNA stabilization EMT [96]
  YAP, MALAT1 promote translation by YTHDF1/3; RNA stabilization by YTHDF3 Drug resistance and metastasis [97]
Colorectal cancer   SOX2 RNA stabilization by IGF2BP2 Tumorigenesis, metastasis [98]
  lncRNA RP11 Nucleus accumulation Metastasis [99]
  miR-1246 miRNA maturation Metastasis [100]
  HK2, SLC2A1 RNA stabilization by IGF2BP2/3 Activation of the glycolysis pathway [101]
Butyrate CCNE1 RNA stabilization Proliferation [57]
  circNSUN2 Exporting to cytoplasm Metastasis [102]
  CBX8 RNA stabilization by IGF2BP1 Stemness [103]
Pancreatic cancer NFIC miR-25-3p miRNA maturation Proliferation, metastasis [56]
    Proliferation, invasion [104]
Osteosarcoma   LEF1   Proliferation, migration, invasion [105]
  DRG1 RNA stabilization by ELAVL1 Proliferation [106]
  ATAD2   Proliferation, migration, invasion [107]
Oral squamous cell carcinoma   MYC RNA stabilization by YTHDF1 Proliferation, invasion, migration [108]
Thyroid carcinoma   TCF1 RNA stabilization by IGF2BP2 Activating the Wnt pathway, migration [109]
Uveal melanoma   c-Met   Proliferation, migration, invasion [110]
Ovarian cancer   AKT   Proliferation [111]
Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma   LNCAROD RNA stabilization Proliferation, mobility [112]
Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma   ΔNp63   Proliferation [113]
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma   ZNF750   Apoptosis [114]
Tumor suppressor Renal cell carcinoma     Proliferation, migration, apoptosis, [115]
Glioblastoma   ADAM19   Self-renewal [116]
Endometrial cancer   PHLPP2, mTORC2 Promote translation by YTHDF1; RNA decay by YTHDF2 Proliferation [117]
Ocular melanoma   HINT2 Promote translation by YTHDF1 Proliferation, apoptosis [118]
Colorectal cancer   p38/ERK pathways   Proliferation, migration, invasion [119]
Bladder cancer      [120]