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Table 2 CircRNA databases

From: The functions and clinical significance of circRNAs in hematological malignancies

Name Website address Description Ref.
circBase A public dataset of thousands of circRNAs in eukaryotic cells [127]
circInteractome A computational tool enabling the prediction and mapping of binding sites for RBPs and miRNAs on reported circRNAs [128]
CIRCpedia V2 An updated comprehensive database containing circRNA annotations from over 180 RNA-seq datasets across six different species [129]
circRNADb A comprehensive database of circular RNA molecules in humans [130]
CSCD An integrated interactional database of cancer-specific circRNAs [131]
exoRBase A repository of circRNA, lncRNA and mRNA derived from RNA-seq data analyses of human blood exosomes [132]
MiOncoCirc A compendium of circular RNAs compiled from cancer clinical samples [133]
CircAtlas 2.0 A database of over one million of circRNAs across 6 species (human, macaca, mouse, rat, pig, chicken) and tissues [134]
CircBank A comprehensive database of human circRNA including more than 140,000 human annotated circRNA from different source [135]
NoncoRNA A database for experimentally supported ncRNA and drug target associations in cancer [136]