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Table 3 MiRNAs directly or indirectly regulate UPR pathway components

From: Interplay between endoplasmic reticulum stress and non-coding RNAs in cancer

Regulators Effectors Targets Cancer type Biological process Reference
miR-233 HSP70 HSPA1A Osteosarcoma Regulates apoptosis [25]
miR-216b CHOP c-JUN Osteosarcoma Sensitizes cells to apoptosis [79]
miR-30c-2* XBP1 XBP1 Cervical cancer Influences the fate of cells challenged with ER stress [80]
miR-657 CHOP NA Hematological cancer Attenuates the expression of CHOP, p-ATF2, and PARP cleavage to reverse SSD-induced apoptosis [91]
miR-211 CHOP NA Lymphoma, multiple myeloma Attenuates COM-induced apoptosis [92]
miR-34c eIF2α CHOP IRE1α HMGB1 NSCLC Inhibits cell proliferation, promotes apoptosis, and induces ER stress in NSCLC cells [93]
miR-451a GRP78 PERK elF2α ATF4 CHOP BAP31 Colorectal cancer Inhibits proliferation and increases apoptosis [98]
miR-410 CHOP GRP94 GRP78 eIF2α ERLIN2 Breast cancer Inhibits cell migration and invasion and EMT [108]
ATF6α TUSC3 NSCLC Enhances UPR and ERAD to promote metastatic potential of [109]
miR-122 GRP78 CHOP CDK4 HCC Regulates anticancer drug–mediated apoptosis [167]
miR-146a CHOP CHOP Lung cancer Reduces the sensitivity of lung cancer cells to cisplatin [171]
miR-7112-3p PERK PERK Colorectal cancer Enhances apoptosis in CX-1 cells treated with DVDMS-PDT [174]
miR-1202 GRP78 Rab1A Glioma Inhibits proliferation and induces ER stress and apoptosis [187]
miR-15b-5p GRP78 Rab1A HCC Induces apoptosis [188]
miR-1291 IRE1α IRE1α HCC Regulates glypican-3 mRNA expression [189]
miR-30d miR-181a miR-199a-5p GRP78 GRP78 Prostate cancer Suppresses GRP78 levels and GRP78-mediated chemoresistance [190]
  1. NA, not available; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma