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Table 1 Comparison of the main characteristics of CAR-T cells and BiTEs

From: CAR-T cells and BiTEs in solid tumors: challenges and perspectives

  CAR-T cells BiTEs
Effector cell Ex vivo engineered T cells Unmanipulated T cells
Personalized Yes (at least for autologous CAR-T cells) No
Availability Delayed (weeks, for autologous CAR-T cells) Immediate (“off-the-shelf”)
Logistics  +  +  + 
(leukapheresis, transportation, genetic engineering, conservation…)
Half-life Long (weeks-months) Short
Dosing Single infusion (“one shot”) Repeat dosing
Efficacy Long-lasting (immunological memory) Suspensive
Administration Requires lymphodepleting chemotherapy prior to CAR-T infusion Requires multiple injections or continuous infusion over several months
Chronic toxicity Possible No
Cost  +  +  +   +  +