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Table 9 Selected studies for CML therapy from 2020 ASH annual meeting

From: Novel agents and regimens for hematological malignancies: recent updates from 2020 ASH annual meeting

Abstract # Authors (reference) Study Phase NCT
46 Brummendorf et al.[96] Bosutinib versus imatinib III NCT02130557
45 Matsumura et al. [97] Nilotinib versus dasatinib III #UMIN000007909
632 Cortes et al. [100] Ponatinib II NCT02467270
650 Cortes et al. [103] Asciminib I NCT02081378
LBA-4 Hochhaus et al. [104] Asciminib versus bosutinib III NCT03106779
651 Jiang et al. [108] HQP1351 (Olverembatinib) II NCT03883087
652 Cortes et al. [109] Vodobatinib I NCT02629692