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Table 2 Phase 1 and early phase 1 CAR-T trials for RRMM, as of December 31, 2020, with study start date after January 1, 2019

From: Emerging therapies for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma: CAR-T and beyond

Antigen Product name* (NCT) Study sponsor Estimated enrollment Country
Single-target CAR-T cells     
BCMA IM21 (NCT04537442) Beijing Immunochina Medical Science and Technology 10 China
BCMA CT053 (NCT03975907) Carsgen 62 China
BCMA NCT04271644, NCT04272151 Chongqing Precision Biotech 80
BCMA C-CAR088 (NCT03815383) First Affiliated Hospital with Nanjing Medical University 12 China
BCMA NCT04626752 Hebei Senlang Biotechnology 50 China
BCMA C-CAR088 (NCT03751293) Hebei Yanda Ludaopei Hospital 10 China
BCMA NCT04601935 Nanjing Legend Biotech 34 China
BCMA C-CAR088 (NCT04295018) Peking Union Medical College Hospital 10 China
BCMA NCT04186052 PersonGen Bio (Suzhou) 10 China
BCMA C-CAR088 (NCT04322292) Tianjing Institute of Hematology and Blood Diseases 10 China
BCMA NCT04637269 Xinqiao Hospital of Chongqing 16 China
BCMA CARTBCMA ARI0002h (NCT04309981) Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer 36 Spain
BCMA NCT04155749 Arcelix 12 United States
BCMA CT053 (NCT03915184) Carsgen 70 United States, Canada
BCMA Descartes-11 (NCT03994705) Cartesian 18 United States
BCMA CYAD-211 (NCT04613557) Celyad Oncology 12 United States, Belgium
BCMA CC-98633 (NCT04394650) Juno/Celgene 80 United States
BCMA PHE885 (NCT04318327) Novartis 16 United States
CD4 NCT04162340 iCell Gene Therapeutics 12 China
CD22 NCT03999697 PersonGen BioTherapeutics (Suzhou) 10 China
CD44 MLM-CAR44.1 (NCT04097301) MolMed S.p.A 58 Italy
CD138 NCT03672318 University of North Carolina 33 United States
GPRC5D MCARH109 (NCT04555551) Memorial Sloan Kettering Medical Center 36 United States
HA-1 MDG1021 (NCT04464889) Medigene 29 The Netherlands
SLAMF7 NCT04499339 Wuerzburg University Hospital 38 Germany
SLAMF7 NCT03958656 National Cancer Institute 36 United States
TnMUC1 NCT04025216 Tmunity 112 United States
Dual-target CAR-T cells     
BCMA CD19 NCT04194931 The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University 20 China
BCMA CD19 NCT04162353 iCell Gene Therapeutics 12 China
BCMA CD19 GC012F (NCT04236011) Shanghai Changzheng Hospital 15 China
BCMA CD19 NCT04280328 Xian Xijing Hospital 18 China
BCMA CD19 NCT04603872 Zhejiang University 120 China
Universal CAR-T cells     
BCMA ALLO-715 (NCT04093596) Allogene 90 United States
BCMA CTX120 (NCT04244656) CRISPR Therapeutics 80 United States, Australia, Spain
BCMA PBCAR269A (NCT04171843) Precision BioSciences 48 United States
Anti-BCMA CAR-NK cells NCT03940833 Asclepius Technology (Suzhou) 20 China
PD-L1 plus other antigen NCT04191941 Timmune Biotech 9 China
CD34 + enriched hematopoietic progenitor cells expressing interferon-ɑ2 Temferon (NCT03875495) Genenta 9 Italy
CD8 + T-cells expressing WT1, CD138, NY-ESO-1, and CS1 NEXI-002 (NCT04505813) NexImmune 22 United States
  1. * In cases where no unique product name was given, only the NCT number is listed