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Table 2 Clinical trials of agents based on TME cells for B-cell lymphoma treatment

From: Targeting the tumor microenvironment in B-cell lymphoma: challenges and opportunities

TME cells Target Agent Indication Phase Identifier
TAMs SIRPα TTI-622 R/R lymphoma
R/R multiple myeloma
Newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia
I NCT03530683
   GS-0189 R/R NHL I NCT04502706
  CD47 Hu5F9-G4 R/R NHL I NCT02953509
MDSCs PI3Kδ/γ Tenalisib (P65300) iNHL II NCT03711578
TANs SIRPα IBI188 Advanced lymphoma I NCT03717103
  CD47/CD19 TG-1801 B-cell lymphoma I NCT03804996
NK cells   iC9/CAR.19/IL15-transduced CB-NK Cells B lymphoid malignancies
I/II NCT03056339
   CD19-targeted high-affinity NK DLBCL I NCT04052061
   AFM13 R/R HL I NCT01221571
     II NCT02321592
  IL-15 ALT-803 R/R iNHL I/II NCT02384954
CAFs FGFR JNJ-42756493 Advanced or refractory lymphoma I NCT01962532