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Table 1 Integrin functions in different solid cancer types

From: Integrins regulate stemness in solid tumor: an emerging therapeutic target

Integrin Ligands/signaling partners Cancer type Function References
β1 Src/AKT Lung Promotes chemoresistance against EGFR inhibitor Erlotinib [35]
α2β1 Collagen type I Prostate Promotes prostate cancer cell invasion and skeletal metastasis [36]
  CDH-17 Colon Interacts with CDH17 to induce FAK and Ras activation and thus promotes tumor growth and liver metastasis [37]
α3β1 Rho/Yap CRPC Suppresses anchorage-independent growth and metastasis [38]
α6 AKT/ERK Breast Expresses highly in breast cancer vs. normal cells and enhances radiotherapy resistance [39]
α7 Laminin Glioblastoma Correlates negatively with patient survival and promotes growth and invasiveness of CSCs [40]
α9β1 β-catenin/E-cadherin Lung Promotes EMT, tumor growth, vasculogenesis and metastasis [41]
α10β1 Collagen and Laminin Glioblastoma Upregulates in both glioblastoma tissue and cells, correlates with high-grade gliomas, and promotes cell proliferation and migration [42]
β3 TGFβ NSCLC Accelerates cancer cell adhesion to lymphatic endothelium after TGF-β exposure, and combined targeting of β3 integrin and TGFβ reduces lymph node metastasis [43]
αvβ3 OPN/FAK NSCLC Enhances cell proliferation and EGFR-TKI resistance [44]
  Survivin CRPC Promotes anchorage-independent cell growth and enhances IR resistance via stabilization of Survivin [45]
  KRAS/RalB Lung/Breast/ Pancreas Recruits KRAS and RalB to activate TBK1 and NF-κB, leading to enhanced stemness and RTK inhibitor resistance [46]
αvβ6 MMP9 SCC Promotes invasion in an MMP9-dependent manner [31]
  JNK1/Survivin CRPC Promotes anchorage-independent growth and cancer progression via activation of androgen receptor [28]
α6β4 BNIP3L TNBC Induces BNIP3L-dependent mitophagy and lactate production in CAFs, which in turn promotes EMT, proliferation and invasion [47]
β8 ECM PDAC Regulates positively cancer cell radiochemoresistance, intracellular vesicle trafficking, and autophagy [48]
  1. CRPC Castration-resistant prostate cancer, CSCs cancer stem cells, EMT epithelial-mesenchymal transition, PDAC Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, TNBC triple negative breast cancer, NSCLC Non-small-cell lung cancer, ECM extracellular matrix, TKI tyrosine kinase inhibitor, RTK receptor tyrosine kinases, IR ionizing radiation, SCC squamous-cell carcinoma, CAFs cancer-associated fibroblasts