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Table 1 The clinical trials of drugs targeting LOX, Hsp47, integrins, YAP1 or TRPV4 (

From: Targeting extracellular matrix stiffness and mechanotransducers to improve cancer therapy

Trial ID Target Drug Combination Conditions Phase Estimated or actual enrollment Status/results
NCT04676529 Pan-LOX PXS-5505 None Myelofibrosis I/IIa 24 N.A
NCT02852551 LOXL2 PAT-1251 None Healthy adults I 78 This compound was well tolerated [140]
NCT04305496 LOXL2 PAT-1251 None Myelofibrosis II 21 Recruiting
NCT04183517 LOX PXS-5382A None Healthy adults I 18 N.A
NCT01369498 LOXL2 Simtuzumab Ruxolitinib Myelofibrosis II 54 Simtuzumab alone or the addition of simtuzumab to ruxolitinib did not have clinical benefit [149]
NCT01472198 LOXL2 Simtuzumab Gemcitabine Pancreatic cancer II 250 The addition of simtuzumab to gemcitabine did not improve clinical outcomes [146]
NCT01858935 Hsp47 ND-L02-s0201 injection None Healthy adults I 56 Completed
NCT00689221 Integrin Cilengitide Temozolomide & radiotherapy Glioblastoma III 545 The addition of cilengitide to temozolomide chemoradiotherapy did not improve outcomes [161]
NCT04177108 Integrin ATN-161 Carboplatin Malignant glioma I/II 82 Completed
NCT00066196 Integrin MEDI-522 Dacarbazine Metastatic melanoma II 110 Completed
NCT00401570 α5β1Integrin Volociximab Gemcitabine Metastatic pancreatic cancer II 40 Completed
NCT04590664 YAP1 Verteporfin None Glioblastoma I/II 24 Recruiting
NCT03033225 YAP1 Verteporfin Photodynamic therapy Advanced pancreatic carcinoma II 30 Recruiting
NCT02119260 TRPV4 GSK2798745 None Healthy subjects and heart failure patients II 61 This compound is safe and well tolerated [153]