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Table 2 Clinical trials of CD47/SIRPα-targeted bispecific antibodies in hematological malignancies

From: Targeting macrophages in hematological malignancies: recent advances and future directions

Name Initial time of clinical studies phase Type of tumors Identifier Outcome measures
TG-1801 (NI-1701) 2021.4 Phase IB B-cell lymphoma or CLL NCT04806035 To determine the recommended phase II dose (RP2D), ORR
IMM0306 2021.8 Phase I R/R CD20-positive B-NHL NCT04746131 Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD) of IMM0306 as measured by incidence of DLTs (Dose Limiting Toxicity)
IBI-322 2021.5 Phase I Hematological malignancies NCT04795128 treatment related AEs, ORR
IBI-322 2021.12 Phase IA/IB Myeloid Tumor NCT05148442 Treatment related AEs, ORR
DSP107 2021.9 Phase IB/II MDS, AML and T-cell lymphoproliferative disease NCT04937166 Treatment related AEs, Dose Limiting Toxicities (DLT), ORR, MRD
HX009 2021.12 Phase I/II R/R-lymphoma NCT05189093 Treatment related AEs, ORR, PFS, DOR, DCR, PK/PC
JMT601 (CPO107) 2021.12 Phase I/II Advanced CD20-positive NHL NCT04853329 To determine the recommended single-agent CPO107 RP2D, safety, efficacy
SG2501 2022.4 Phase IA/IB R/R hematological malignancies and lymphoma NCT05293912 To evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, immunogenicity, and preliminary efficacy