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Table 1 Inhibitors of EMT in clinical phase trials

From: The molecular mechanisms and therapeutic strategies of EMT in tumor progression and metastasis

Treatment strategies Target Drug Stage/phase Cancer Trial identifier
I. Blocking upstream signaling pathway TGF-βR1 Galunisertib monohydrate II (Metastatic) breast cancer NCT02538471
TGF-βR1 Vactosertib I Bladder cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer NCT03704675
TGF-βR2 SHR-1701 I Solid cancers NCT04324814
NF-κB Bardoxolone methyl II Melanoma NCT00535314
EGFR Gefitinib Marketed Breast cancer and NSCLC  
EGFR Panitumumab Marketed Metastatic colorectal cancer  
c-MET Glesatinib III Non-small cell lung cancer GDCT0241492
c-MET Cabozantinib s-malate Marketed Medullary thyroid cancer  
WIF1 BI-1361849 I and II Non-small cell lung cancer GDCT0251874
WIF1 OXB-301 III Renal cell cancer GDCT0017470
NOTCH2 Tarextumab I/II Pancreatic cancer
Small cell lung cancer
II.Targeting multiple EMT-TFs HDAC1/4 Mocetinostat II/III Bladder cancer NCT02236195
HDAC1/2/3/6 Vorinostat III Lung cancer NCT00419367
LSD1 Domatinostat II Small cell lung cancer GDCT0245900
LSD1 INCB-59872 I Ewing sarcoma NCT03514407
ZEB1/SNAIL2/TWIST/Vimentin Metformin II Pancreatic  
III. Targeting mesenchymal cells and ECM or inhibiting MET N-cadherin ADH-1 II Adrenocortical carcinoma and non-small cell lung cancer NCT00264433
Fibronectin Monoclonal antibody II Breast, colorectal, lung and non-small cell lung cancer NCT01125085
Vimentin Pritumumab II Brain cancer GDCT0217875
MMP2/3/9/13 Tanomastat III (Non)-small cell lung cancer GDCT0022508
MMP Batimastat I Hepatocellular  
FAK APG-2449 I Non-small cell lung, ovarian cancer GDCT0352706
EpCAM Catumaxomab I Epithelial carcinomas  
ITGA5/B1 ATN-161 II Renal cell cancer NCT00131651
ITGA5/B1 Volociximab II Renal cell cancer NCT00100685
ITGAV Cilengitide II Glioblastoma multiforme NCT01782976
ITGAV Intetumumab II Prostate cancer NCT00537381