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Table 4 Clinical studies of MGCD0103

From: Novel histone deacetylase inhibitors in clinical trials as anti-cancer agents

Phase Other agent Disease (pt. No.) Schedule Recommended dose & response Reference
I   Advanced solid tumor(38) Three times per week for 2 of every three weeks 45 mg/m2/d [113]
I   Relapsed or refractory AML (22), MDS (5), ALL(1) and CML (1) Three times weekly without interruption 60 mg/m2/d [114]
I/ Gemcitabine Solid tumor(24/I and 4/II) Three times weekly for MGCD0103 and weeklyX3 for Gemcitabine in 28-days cycle 90 mg/d and PR: 40% in 2 out of 5 pancreatic carcinoma. [115]
II   Relapsed or refractory NHL(33 of DLBCL and 17 of FL) Three times weekly without interruption Started 110 mg, then decreased to 85 mg. RR for DLBCL 23.5% and PR for FL 10%. [116]
II   Relapsed or refractory HL(33) Three times weekly in 28 days cycle 85 mg or 110 mg.
OR 38%.