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Table 1 ChIP-seq reads and peaks threshold at FDR=0.001

From: Structurally differentiated cis-elements that interact with PU.1 are functionally distinguishable in acute promyelocytic leukemia

  Parameter NB4 PU.1
Reads Total sequenced (millions) 15.6
  Total, mapped (millions) 14.8
  Total, uniquely mapped and Non-redundant (millions) 11.8
  In peaks (millions) 1.44 (12.1%)
  Peak coverage (Mb) 13.1 (0.5%)
  Median width (bp) 429
  Enrichment 25.01
Peaks Number of peaks 26,907
  Minimum fold enrichment 3.68
  Average fold enrichment 32.92
  Median fold enrichment 26.45
  1. Notes: Peak coverage percentages assume a 2.7 Gb genome.