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Table 2 Information of patients and corresponding patient-derived xenograft mouse models

From: Quantitative evaluation of the immunodeficiency of a mouse strain by tumor engraftments

Number Gender Age EGFR mutation Pathology Stage TNM stage Engrafted
1 M 60 WT AC IB T2N0M0 Yes
2 M 69 WT AC IIA T2N1M0 Yes
3 M 65 WT AC IA T2N0M1 Yes
4 M 67 WT LCC IA T2N1M0 Yes
5 F 69 G719X/exon 19 del AC IIB T2N1M0 No
6 M 62 WT AC IV T2N0M0 No
7 M 71 WT SCC IB T2N0M0 Yes
8 M 62 WT AC IIIA T2N2M0 No
9 F 40 Exon 19 del AC IV T2N1M0 Yes
10 M 67 L858R SCC IB T2N0M0 No
  1. M male, F female, AC adenocarcinoma, LCC large cell carcinoma, SCC squamous cell carcinoma