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Fig. 5

From: Cocktail treatment with EGFR-specific and CD133-specific chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells in a patient with advanced cholangiocarcinoma

Fig. 5

Outcome of CART133 cell infusion. (a) With the guidance of PET, tumor lesions were labeled on the images presented by computed tomography (CT) scans before the infusion of CART133 cells (red arrow). (b) CT images showed remarkable shrinkage or even disappearance of some metastases in the peritoneum and abdominal cavity (red arrow) and an abscess in the right liver. (c) CT scan detected an approximate 40 × 70 mm new metastatic lesion under the abdominal wall and suspected metastases in the abdominal cavity 4.5 months after the CART 133 immunotherapy (red arrow)

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