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Table 1 List of CD47-SIRPα axis-blocking therapeutic agents that are currently being tested in phase I interventional clinical trials

From: Is CD47 an innate immune checkpoint for tumor evasion?

Therapeutic agent(s) Details of the therapeutic agent Clinical trial identifiers Study start date Disease in recruited patients
Hu5F9-G4 (NCT02953782 and NCT02953509 use cetuximab and rituximab, respectively, in combination) • Humanized anti-human CD47 monoclonal antibody
• Generated by grafting complementarity determining region (CDR) onto a human IgG4
1. NCT02216409
2. NCT02678338
3. NCT02953782
4. NCT02953509
1. August 2014
2. November 2015
3. November 2016
4. November 2016
1. Solid malignancy
2. Acute myeloid leukemia
3. Solid malignancy and advanced colorectal cancer
4. Relapsed/refractory B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
TTI-621 • A soluble recombinant SIRPα-Fc fusion protein
• Generated by combining the sequences encoding the N-terminal portion of human SIRPα with the Fc region of human IgG1
1. NCT02890368
2. NCT02663518
1. October 2016
2. January 2016
1. Solid malignancy and mycosis fungoides
2. Hematologic malignancy
CC-90002 • Monoclonal anti-human CD47 antibody 1. NCT02367196
2. NCT02641002
1. March 2015
2. March 2016
1. Solid and hematologic malignancies
2. Acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome