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Table 7 Gene expression changes of pro-angiogenic pathways in vascular diseases, metabolic diseases, and autoimmune diseases

From: Thrombus leukocytes exhibit more endothelial cell-specific angiogenic markers than peripheral blood leukocytes do in acute coronary syndrome patients, suggesting a possibility of trans-differentiation: a comprehensive database mining study

  1. Seven master pro-angiogenic pathways including MAPK, PI3K-AKT, NOTCH, NF-κB, JAK-STAT, HIF-VEGF, and ANG-TIE are investigated using the method we developed (Fig. 1b). We compared gene expression level in different tissues to their parallel controls. Genes with significant expression changes (p < 0.05) are shown here. Red text stands for upregulation (FC ≥ 2), and green text stands for downregulation (FC ≤ 0.5)