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Table 3 Compatibility between ADV-VST and UCB onto HLA-A, HLA-B, and HLA-DRB1

From: Curative or pre-emptive adenovirus-specific T cell transfer from matched unrelated or third party haploidentical donors after HSCT, including UCB transplantations: a successful phase I/II multicenter clinical trial

Patient UCB1 UCB2
07-06 Semi-identical  
02-08 Matched 6/6 4/6 with MM HLA-A
11-10 2/6 with MM HLA-A  
12-11 Semi-identical  
08-12 2/6 with MM HLA-B  
12-14 Semi-identical  
  1. One DRB-1 compatibility was always observed
  2. UCB umbilical cord blood, VSTs virus-specific T cells, MM mis-matched