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Table 14 More nuclear receptors are downregulated in 17 different types of human cancers

From: A comprehensive data mining study shows that most nuclear receptors act as newly proposed homeostasis-associated molecular pattern receptors

  1. The numbers in the cells represent fold change (≥ 1.5); positive symbol means upregulation while negative symbol means downregulation. Red color means significant upregulation while blue color means significant downregulation (p < 0.05). No color means no significance (p ≥ 0.05), and blank means no data is available
  2. Abbreviations: TCGA The Cancer Genome Atlas, Pro provisional, AML acute myeloid leukemia, AC adrenocortical carcinoma, BUC bladder urothelial carcinoma, EC esophageal carcinoma, LHC liver hepatocellular carcinoma, LA lung adenocarcinoma, LSCC lung squamous cell carcinoma, Mes mesothelioma, PA pancreatic adenocarcinoma, PTC papillary thyroid carcinoma, PP pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma, PRA prostate adenocarcinoma, Sar sarcoma, SCM skin cutaneous melanoma, SA stomach adenocarcinoma, TGCC testicular germ cell cancer, UCEC Uterine Corpus Endometrial Carcinoma
  3. *Reference