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Table 1 Clinicopathological features of the analysed tumour cases. Variables were categorized as follows: age at diagnosis (months), gender, histological subtype, primary site and clinical stage

From: Pharmacological targeting of the ephrin receptor kinase signalling by GLPG1790 in vitro and in vivo reverts oncophenotype, induces myogenic differentiation and radiosensitizes embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma cells

Case Age (months) Gender Histology Primary site Stage
ERMS1 63 Male Embryonal Abdominal 3
ERMS2 122 Male Embryonal Pelvis 3
ERMS3 61 Male Embryonal Bladder 3
ERMS4 45 Male Embryonal Trunk 3
ERMS12 18 Male Embryonal Bladder 3
ERMS13 40 Female Embryonal Retroperitoneum 2
ERMS20 60 Female Embryonal Pelvis 2
ERMS21 3 Male Embryonal Abdominal 3
ERMS23 37 Female Embryonal Vagina 2
ERMS27 22 Female Embryonal Calf 1
ERMS30 176 Male Embryonal Lower limb 4
ERMS43 17 Male Embryonal Bladder 2
ERMS44 39 Male Embryonal Paratesticular 1
ERMS50 22 Male Embryonal Infratemporal fossa 2