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Table 5 circRNAs in gastric cancer

From: Function and clinical significance of circRNAs in solid tumors

circBase ID (alias) Host gene Putative function Upregulated/downregulated miRNA sponge Target gene/pathway Reference
hsa_circ_0001821 PVT1 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-125a/b [45]
hsa_circ_0000190 CNIH4 Downregulated [55]
hsa_circ_0000096 HIAT1 Downregulated CDK6, MMP9, MMP2 [51]
hsa_circ_002059 KIAA0907 Downregulated [54]
hsa_circ_0014717 CCT3 Downregulated [48]
hsa_circ_0001895 PRRC2B Downregulated [56]
hsa_circ_0003159 CACNA2D1 Downregulated  
hsa_circ_0000520 RPPH1 miRNA sponge* Downregulated [59]
hsa_circ_0001649 SHPRH Downregulated [57]
hsa_circ_0074362 ARHGAP26 Downregulated [58]
hsa_circ_0061276 NRIP1 Downregulated [62]
hsa_circ_0001017 XPO1 Downregulated [62]
hsa_circ_0000181 TATDN3 Downregulated [60]
hsa_circ_0000745 SPECC1 Downregulated [63]
hsa_circ_101057 LARP4 miRNA sponge Downregulated miR-424 LATS1 [53]
circ-LPHN2 LPHN2 miRNA sponge Downregulated miR-630 [52]
hsa_circ_0014717 CCT3 Downregulated [48]
hsa_circ_0047905 SERPINB5 Upregulated [50]
hsa_circ_0138960 GDA Upregulated [50]
hsa_circ_0087198 GDA Upregulated [50]
  1. *Not validated experimentally