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Table 3 Trends in lymphoma burden from 2006 to 2016

From: Burden of lymphoma in China, 2006–2016: an analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016

VariableHodgkin’s lymphomaNon-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Trend 1#Trend 2#Trend 1#Trend 2#
Incidence2006–2011− 0.96*2011–20162.17*2006–20135.19*2013–20163.47*
Mortality2006–2011− 5.63*2011–2016− 3.20*2006–20131.84*2013–2016− 0.54
YLLs2006–2012− 5.75*2012–2016− 3.14*2006–20131.60*2013–2016− 0.78
YLDs2006–2011− 1.01*2011–20162.13*2006–20135.34*2013–20163.73*
DALYs2006–2012− 5.66*2012–2016− 2.98*2006–20131.66*2013–2016− 0.69
  1. APC annual percentage change, DALYs disability-adjusted life years, YLDs years lived with disability, YLLs years of life lost
  2. *APC is significantly different from zero
  3. #Each change in magnitude and/or direction of trend is listed separately with the years for which that trend was constant. Therefore, if only one trend is listed for 2006 through 2016, that trend was constant during the entire time period