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Table 3 Antibody-drug conjugates in clinical trials for multiple myeloma

From: Antibody-drug conjugates in clinical trials for lymphoid malignancies and multiple myeloma

ADC names Target Linker Payload Disease Major responses Status [reference]
Lorvotuzumab mertansine (IMGN901) CD56 Disulfide bond (SPP) DM1 R/R MM ORR 5.7%, CR 0; 42.9% stable disease for 15.5 mo Phase I [136]
Milatuzumab doxorubicin (hLL1-DOX) CD74 Acid-labile (hydrazine) Doxorubicin R/R MM Data not reported Phase I [137]
Indatuximab ravtansine (BT062) CD138 Disulfide bond (SPDB) DM4 R/R MM ORR 5.9%, CR 0, stable disease 61.8%, OS 26.7 mo, PFS 3 mo Phase I/II [138]
GSK2857916 CD269 (BCMA) Non-cleavable (MC) MMAF R/R MM ORR 60%, CR 14%, PFS 12 mo, DOR 14.3 mo Phase I [139]
  1. ADC antibody-drug conjugate, BCMA B cell maturation antigen, R/R relapsed /refractory, MM multiple myeloma, CR complete remission, DOR duration of response, ORR overall response rate, OS overall survival, PFS progression free survival, Mo month