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Table 4 Cancer cells-derived miRNAs regulating immune evasion via exosomes or vehicles

From: The role of cancer-derived microRNAs in cancer immune escape

Immune cells regulated by cancer cells-derived exosomal miRNAs miRNAs Cancer cell types Effects on anti-cancer immune response Ref.
Effector T cells miR-690 Melanoma Immunosuppressive [125]
miR-24-3p NPC Immunosuppressive [126]
miR-891a NPC Immunosuppressive [126]
miR-106a-5p NPC Immunosuppressive [126]
miR-20a-5p NPC Immunosuppressive [126]
miR-1908 NPC Immunosuppressive [126]
TAMs miR-222-3p EOC Immunosuppressive [127]
miR-940 EOC Immunosuppressive [128]
miR-21-3p EOC Immunosuppressive [129]
miR-125b-5p EOC Immunosuppressive [129]
miR-181d-5p EOC Immunosuppressive [129]
miR-21 Head and neck cancer Immunosuppressive [130]
miR-1246 Colon cancer Immunosuppressive [131]
miR-16 Breast cancer Immunostimulatory [132]
MDSCs miR-107 Gastric cancer Immunosuppressive [133]
miR-21 OSCC Immunosuppressive [134]
miR-21 Glioma Immunosuppressive [135]
miR-10a Glioma Immunosuppressive [135]
miR-29a Glioma Immunosuppressive [136]
miR-92a Glioma Immunosuppressive [136]
miR-155 CLL Immunosuppressive [137]
CAFs miR-27a Gastric cancer Immunosuppressive [138]
miR-1247-3p HCC Immunosuppressive [139]
miR-21 HCC Immunosuppressive [140]
  1. NPC nasopharyngeal carcinoma, TAM tumor-associated macrophage, EOC epithelial ovarian cancer, MDSC myeloid-derived suppressor cell, OSCC oral squamous cell carcinoma, CLL chronic lymphocytic leukemia, CAF cancer-associated fibroblast, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma