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Table 3 Recent major and pivotal clinical trials for targeted therapy in PDAC

From: Molecular alterations and targeted therapy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Agent Therapeutic mechanism Target Study phase Numbers of patients (with PDAC) Efficacy Clinical trial Reference
Erlotinib Tyrosine kinase inhibition EGFR Phase III 436 DFS and OS not improved CONKO-005 DRKS00000247
Phase III 449 OS not improved LAP07 NCT00634725
Vandetanib EGFR, RET, VEGFR2 Phase II 142 OS not improved   EudraCT2007-004299-38, ISRCTN96297434
Nimotuzumab Monoclonal antibody EGFR Phase IIb 186 Longer OS in KRASWT, HR = 0.69   EudraCT2007-000338-38, OSAG101-PCS07, NCT00561990
MK-0646 IGF-1R Phase II 75 OS improved   NCT00769483
MCLA-128 (Zenocutuzumab) ERBB3 Phase II recruiting    NCT02912949
Selumetinib and MK-2206 Oncogenic pathway inhibition PI3K and MEK Phase II 137 PFS and OS not improved SWOG S1115 NCT01658943
Olaparib Synthetic lethality PARP Phase III 164 Longer PFS, HR = 0.53 POLO trial NCT02184195
Pembrolizumab Immune checkpoint blockade PD-1 Phase Ib 24 ORR = 0 KEYNOTE-028 NCT02054806
Phase II 22 ORR = 18.2 KEYNOTE-158 NCT02628067
CAR T Target tumour-associated antigens HER2 Phase I 2 SD = 2   NCT01935843
Mesothelin Phase I 5 SD = 3, PD = 2   NCT02159716
CD133 Phase I 7 PR = 2, SD = 3, PD = 2   NCT02541370
  1. PDAC pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; DFS disease-free survival; OS overall survival; KRASWT KRAS wild-type; PFS progression-free survival; HR hazard ratio; ORR objective response rate; PD-1 programmed death-1 receptor; SD stable disease; PR partial response; PD progressive disease