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Table 2 ER stress-regulated lncRNAs and their potential mechanisms in cancers

From: Interplay between endoplasmic reticulum stress and non-coding RNAs in cancer

LncRNAs Expression level Tumor type UPR-related mechanism Biological process References
GOLGA2P10 Upregulated HCC CHOP can directly bind to the GOLGA2P10 promoter Induces resistance to cytotoxic effect of ER stress [26]
MALAT1 Upregulated Colorectal cancer Activated IRE1 and PERK signaling pathways increase MALAT1expression Promotes the migration of CRC cells [87]
MIAT Upregulated Breast cancer Overexpression of GRP78 upregulates the expression of MIAT by increasing OCT4 in 5-fluorouracil resistant cells Contributes to 5-FU resistance [175]
  1. HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma