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Table 1 Hypoxia-related noncoding RNAs in pancreatic cancer

From: Targeting hypoxic tumor microenvironment in pancreatic cancer

ncRNAs Expression in PC Mechanisms Main functions References
NORAD Up NORAD—miR-125a-3p—RhoA Promotes EMT and metastasis [165]
FEZF1-AS1 Up FEZF1-AS1—miR-142—HIF-1α Promotes cell proliferation and invasion ability [167]
MTA2TR Up MTA2TR—ATF3—MTA2—HIF-1α loop Promotes cell proliferation and invasion [174]
BX111 Up HIF-1α—YB1—ZEB1—E-cadherin, MMP2 Promotes growth and metastasis [175]
NUTF2P3-001 Up NUTF2P3-001—miR-3923—KRAS Promotes the proliferation and invasion [176]
CF129 Down HIF-1α—CF129—p53—FOXC2 loop Inhibits cell proliferation, invasion, and metastasis [177]
circ_0000977 Up circ_0000977—miR-153—HIF-1α, ADAM10 Promotes immune escape [178]
miR-191 Up HIF-1α—miR-191 Promotes tumorigenesis [179]
miR-21 Up miR-21—HIF-1α—VEGF, MMP2, MMP9 Promotes cell proliferation, migration, and invasion [180]
HIF-1α—miR-21 Avoids apoptosis [181]
miR-210 Up miR-210—HOXA9—NF-κB Promotes EMT [132]
miR-212 Up HIF-1α—miR-212 Promotes progression [182]
miR-224 Up miR-224—TXNIP—HIF-1α Promotes cell proliferation and migration [168]
miR-301a Up HIF-2α—miR-301a—TP63 Promotes EMT [166]
miR-301a—TAp63 [173]
miR-301a-3p Up miR-301a-3p—PTEN/PI3K—M2 macrophages polarization Promotes metastasis [169]
miR-646 Up HIF-1α—miR-646—MIIP—HDAC6 loop Promotes proliferation and invasion [183]
miR-124 Down miR-124—MCT1—HIF-1α—LDHA Increases intracellular pH, inhibits glycolytic activity and tumor growth [53]
miR-125a Down miR-125a—Mfn2—mitochondrial fission Impairs cell migration capacity [170]
miR-138-5p Down miR-138-5p—SIRT1—FOXO1—Rab7 Inhibits autophagy and tumor growth [104]
miR-142 Down miR-142—HIF-1α—vimentin, VEGF-C, E-cadherin Inhibits proliferation, EMT, and invasion [184]
miR-150 Down miRNA-150—CXCR4 Inhibits migration and invasion [185]
miR-519 Down miR-519—PD-L1 Inhibits cell invasiveness, and induces apoptosis [186]
miR-548an Down HIF-1α—HDAC1—miR-548an—vimentin Inhibits the proliferation and invasion [187]
  1. ADAM10, a disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 10; ATF3, activating transcription factor 3; FOXC2, forkhead box protein C2; FOXO1, forkhead box protein O1; HDAC, histone deacetylase; HOXA9, homeobox A9; LDHA, lactate dehydrogenase A; MCT1, monocarboxylate transporter 1; Mfn2, mitofusin 2; MIIP, migration and invasion inhibitory protein; MTA2, metastasis associated protein 2; ncRNAs, noncoding RNAs; RhoA, ras homolog family member A; SIRT1, sirtuin 1; TAp63, transactivation domain of tumor protein p63; TXNIP, thioredoxin-interacting protein; YB1, y box binding protein 1; ZEB1, zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 1