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Table 1 MCL-1 targeted anti-tumor drugs in clinical trials

From: Targeting MCL-1 in cancer: current status and perspectives

Agents Frist report time (drug discovery method) Identifier/phase Population Regimen

2016 (NMR-based fragment screen)
NCT02979366 Phase 1 AML, MDS Once or twice a week (21/28-day cycle), the starting dose is 50 mg (intravenous)
NCT02992483 Phase 1 MM, DLBCL Dose finding (intravenous)
2018 (NMR-based fragment screen and Structure-based design)
NCT03218683 Phase 1 AML, CLL, MDS, MM Intravenously for 9 cycles (21-day cycle)
2016 (High-throughput screening)
NCT02675452 (Suspended)Phase 1 MM, AML Dose finding(intravenous)
2018 (-)
(Suspended)Phase 1
MM, NHL, AML, DLBCL Once a day for 2 consecutive days followed by 5 days break at a weekly interval (28-day cycle) (oral)
ABBV-467 NA NCT04178902 Phase 1
MM and Cancer Dose finding (intravenous)
PRT1419 NA NCT04543305 Phase 1
MM, NHL, AML, MDS Dose finding (oral)
Combination therapy
S64315 + Venetoclaxv   NCT03672695 Phase 1 AML S64315 once a week (intravenous)
Venetoclax once a day (oral) (21-day cycle)
AZD5991 + Venetoclaxv   NCT03218683 Phase 2 AML, MDS Ascending oral doses of Venetoclax
AMG-176 + Venetoclaxv   NCT03797261
(Suspended)Phase 1
AML, NHL/DLBCL Two-consecutive days per week (QD2)
  1. RS Richter syndrome, SLL Small lymphocytic lymphoma