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Table 1 CD47-related clinical trials registered in US national clinical trials registry (NCT) system

From: Targeting CD47 for cancer immunotherapy

Agent CD47 Isotype Organization Mechanism of action NCT Number Status Conditions Phase Enrollment Start dates
AK117 IgG4 Akesobio A new generation of humanized anti-human CD47 IgG4 mAb, NCT04349969 Not yet recruiting Neoplasms Malignant Phase 1 159 25-Apr-20
NCT04728334 Recruiting Neoplasms Malignant Phase 1 162 27-Jan-21
NCT04900350 Recruiting MDS Phase 1/2 190 18-Jun-21
NCT04980885 Recruiting AML Phase 1/2 160 Jul-21
AO-176 IgG2 Arch Oncology Fully humanized anti-human CD47 monoclonal antibody NCT03834948 Recruiting Solid Tumor Phase 1/2 183 4-Feb-19
NCT04445701 Recruiting MM Phase 1/2 102 30-Nov-20
CC-90002 IgG4 Celgene First generation anti-human CD47 antibody NCT02367196 Completed Hematological Malignancies Phase 1 60 12-Mar-15
CPO107 JMT601 (CPO107) IgG1 (CD20) Conjupro Biotherapeutics, Inc Bi-specific SIRP α and anti-CD20 fusion protein. Through interference of CD47/SIRP α interaction to enhance antibody-dependent phagocytosis (ADCP) NCT04853329 Not yet recruiting NHL Phase 1/2 75 15-Aug-21
DSP107 IgG4 KAHR Medical Bi-functional CD47 and 41BB fusion protein NCT04440735 Recruiting Advanced Solid Tumor
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Phase 1
Phase 2
100 7-Oct-20
NCT04937166 Recruiting AML/MDS
Phase 1
Phase 2
36 Sep-21
Evorpacept (ALX148) IgG1 ALX Oncology Fusion protein of SIRPα D1 domain and an inactive human IgG1 Fc NCT03013218 Active, not recruiting Solid Tumor
Phase 1 174 3-Feb-17
NCT04417517 Recruiting MDS Phase 1 173 2-Oct-20
NCT04675294 Recruiting Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Phase 2 111 April 2, 2021
NCT04675333 Recruiting Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Phase 2 112 10-May-21
NCT04755244 Recruiting AML Phase 1/2 97 5-May-21
NCT05002127 Not yet recruiting Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma
Gastric Adenocarcinoma
Phase 2/3 450 Aug-21
Hu5F9-G4 Magrolimab(5F9) IgG4 Gilead Sciences/Forty Seven Anti-human CD47 mAb NCT02216409 Completed Solid Tumor Phase 1 88 Aug-14
NCT02678338 Completed AML/MDS Phase 1 20 Nov-15
NCT03248479 Recruiting Hematological Malignancies Phase 1 287 8-Sep-17
NCT03527147 Completed NHL
Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma
Phase 1 30 19-Jun-18
NCT04599634 Not yet recruiting Follicular Lymphoma
Marginal Zone Lymphoma
Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Chronic Lymphocytic Lymphoma
B-Cell Lymphoma
Phase 1 76 1-Sep-21
HX009 IgG4 Hanxbio PD-1/CD47 bi-specific mAb NCT04097769 Active, not recruiting Advanced Solid Tumor Phase 1 20 18-Mar-21
NCT04886271 Recruiting Solid Tumor Phase 2 210 10-May-21
IBI188 IgG4 Innovent Bio Recombinant human anti-CD47 mAb NCT03717103 Active, not recruiting Advanced Malignancies Phase 1 49 10-Jan-19
NCT03763149 Active, not recruiting Advanced Malignancies Phase 1 42 11-Jan-19
NCT04485052 Recruiting AML Phase 1
Phase 2
126 Apr-21
NCT04485065 Recruiting MDS Phase 1 12 30-Sep-20
NCT04861948 Recruiting Solid Tumors
Lung Adenocarcinoma
Phase 1 120 25-May-21
IBI322 IgG4 Innovent Bio Bi-specific antibody that can target CD47 and PD-L1 NCT04328831 Recruiting Advanced Malignancies Phase 1 218 31-Jul-20
NCT04338659 Recruiting Advanced Malignancies Phase 1 45 Apr-21
NCT04795128 Recruiting Hematological Malignancies Phase 1 230 7-May-21
NCT04912466 Recruiting Solid Tumor Phase 1 36 20-Jun-21
IMC-002 IgG4 ImmuneOncia Therapeutics
3D Medicines
Anti-human CD47 monoclonal antibody NCT04306224 Recruiting Solid Tumor
Phase 1 24 5-Jun-20
IMM0306 IgG1 ImmneOnco Bi-specific antibody targeting CD47 and CD20 at the same time NCT04746131 Not yet recruiting NHL Phase 1 90 15-Aug-21
OSE-172 IgG4 OSE Immunotherapeutics Humanized IgG4 mAb against SIRPα NCT04806035 Recruiting CLL
Richter's Transformation
Indolent Lymphoma
Follicular Lymphoma
Marginal Zone Lymphoma
Aggressive Lymphoma
Mediastinal Large B-cell Lymphoma
Phase 1 60 23-Apr-21
PF-07257876 IgG4 Pfizer Bi-specific antibody against CD47 and PD-L1, NCT04881045 Not yet recruiting Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Ovarian Cancer
Phase 1 90 27-Aug-21
SHR-1603 IgG4 Jiangsu HengRui Medicine Humanized IgG4 mAb targeting CD47 NCT03722186 Suspended Physiological Effects of Drugs
Neoplasms by Histologic Type
Phase 1 128 13-Nov-18
SHR2150 IgG4 (TLR7) HengRui Pharma Selective TLR7 receptor agonist NCT04588324 Recruiting Solid Tumor Phase 1/2 50 10-Oct-20
SRF231 IgG4 Surface Oncology Anti-human CD47 mAb NCT03512340 Completed Advanced Solid Cancers
Hematological Malignancies
Phase 1 148 13-Mar-18
STI-6643 IgG4 Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc Fully humanized anti-CD47 mAb NCT04900519 Not yet recruiting Solid Tumor Phase 1 24 Aug-21
TG-1801 IgG4 Novimmune SA
TG Therapeutics
Bi-specific mAb targeting both CD19 and CD47 NCT03804996 Recruiting NHL Phase 1 16 5-Mar-19
TJ011133 IgG4 I-MAB Biopharma Highly differentiated CD47 monoclonal antibody NCT04895410 Not yet recruiting MM Phase 1 163 13-Jul-21
NCT04912063 Recruiting AML/MDS Phase 1 120 15-Jun-21
TTI-621 IgG1 Trillium Therapeutics Inc SIRPα-IgG1 Fc, checkpoint inhibitor CD47 blocker, NCT02663518 Recruiting Hematological Malignancies
Solid Tumor
Phase 1 260 Jan-16
NCT04996004 Recruiting Leiomyosarcoma Phase 1/2 80 25-Jun-21
ZL-1201 IgG4 Zai Lab Anti-human CD47 mAb NCT04257617 Recruiting Advanced Malignancies Phase 1 66 11-May-20